Thursday, February 3, 2011

Argh Laptops!

My laptop is dying!

I didn't realize how essential my computer was until I couldn't use it. For about two weeks now it has been nothing but a pain. It doesn't stay on if it's not in safe mode and even then, some days it crashes after 5 minutes. Andy (the boyfriend) has run every anti-virus/registry cleaner under the sun but nothing has worked. So now the decision is to wipe the whole laptop. All my files have been moved to our new external hard drive so hopefully I won't lose anything.

It's very hard to write a blog when your computer's running so slow you can't do any research or upload pictures. I can't do anything but design clothing which is all fine and dandy but the things I need to learn are all computer based. Things like researching current designers, trends, how to build a website, tax and registering a business in New Zealand. So you can see my little predicament. Anyone who has had computer problems and isn't a technical expert knows it can be very expensive to get one fixed (or buy a new one) so I'm really hoping that I don't have to buy a new laptop and this wiping thing works!

My normal weekly blog may suffer a little but bare with me, all will be back to normal soon (crossing fingers and toes)!


  1. Hey, FYI, usually when it only boots in safe mode means there is a problem with your installation of windows. Just try re installing windows. If you chuck in your OS disc it would most likely have a repair option as well which would be even faster... try it!!

  2. Hey thanks for the info but the problem is I don't have my OS disc!

  3. What do you guys think about Mac laptops?