Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And this years colour is...
According to the big guns at Pantone the new 'it' colour of 2011 is Honey Suckle. I'm not too sure about this one but knowing me, the more I see it around, the more I like it. For some reason the colour gives me a flash back to the 90's! (In my opinion one of the worst decades for fashion). But, if you are in the fashion industry you need to take note of colour trends as much as style trends, they are just as important.

This colour is certainly out there and not for the shy at heart. It has already been seen on the red carpet this year on the likes of  Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson, Kim Kardashion and Claire Danes. 

Keep in mind that Honey Suckle is not the only trend this season and has to be matched with other colours! Pantone has created this chart of the other colour trends this Spring (northern hemisphere). You won't have to search far to find these colours as most stores follow these charts. The general rule is - the cheaper the store products, the longer you'll wait for trends to find their way into the store. If you live in New Zealand like myself, you probably won't see these colours in stores until Spring at the end of the year as we follow the northern hemisphere in terms of fashion.  

If you (like most of us) can't afford a new wardrobe every season, find accessories to modernize your outfits. Wear a black dress with Honey Suckle earrings, belts, headband or lipstick. Nail polish is also a great, cheap alturnative to buying a new wardrobe.

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