Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fashion Inspiration

I have been on my feet all day. Starting work at 7.30 isn’t all that bad but when you’re up all night buzzing with ideas for your new business it’s not all dandy! However, I get to finish the day early, at 3…time for shopping! And no, not so predictably for clothing. Today I was looking for a ‘like book’. A journal I can put all the things I love in. Pictures, quotes, magazine articles, colours, fabric, designs…INSPIRATION! It is from my ‘like book’ that I will design my first clothing range. I looked for hours to no prevail. There was nothing that I liked out there. Nothing screamed DESIGN IN ME or I’M YOUR MUSE! I need to love this book if everything I design is going to stem from the pages. I will keep looking for mine, but in the mean time I have a task for you…YES, YOU!

I encourage you to find your own Like Book. If you’re a creative type, like myself, you know that ideas come to you at the weirdest times. Carry it everywhere you go. Write down EVERYTHING you like or catches your interest in a unique way, you never know what idea will turn into your next creative piece! Most of my ideas come to me as I’m falling asleep. I will keep my Like Book with me at all times, even on my bed side table. Every two weeks, look back at your progress. Find an idea you are still inspired by and expand! Build on this idea and find you’re own unique spin. In my case I might think of a new way to fold my fabric (from origami) or use a colour combination that I saw on a beautiful bird. If you find the things that inspire you, design will naturally follow.  



    There is an entire market dedicated to inspiring people! :D

  2. ahaha, I work at kikki.K, but there are shitloads of other stores that have inspiration stuff.